Stone Angels release their sweeping new single ‘Where The Crows Fly’

15 Sep 2023
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A massive thank you to Nikki Smash of Riff Yard Media for the incredible review of our latest single, ‘Where The Crows Fly’!

In Nikki’s words, the track is described as a “crack of electrical energy in an ominous sky,” starting with “the mother of all bangs.”

We’re grateful for the spotlight on the inspiration behind the song: “We took inspiration from those who stand up to bullies who have underestimated what you can achieve. In the end, the only person who can hold you back is yourself.”

“This is a huge step up for the Brighton rockers, bigger sound, bigger hooks, bigger riffs. The crow is going to fly to the top of the mountain!”

Nikki Smash, Riff Yard Media

Your words resonate with us, Nikki Smash, and we’re truly thankful for your kind words.