Up In Smoke – Brand New Album


Hard-grunge rockers Stone Angels announce their highly anticipated and sought-after new album ‘Up In Smoke’ on CD & Vinyl only OUT NOW. Armed to the teeth with a flurry of sledgehammer riffs, colossal choruses, and unabashed wailing solos, and in departure from the norm, the collection of 9 hard-hitting foot stomping songs will be released digitally track-by-track throughout 2024, meaning buying the CD is the way to hear the album first in its entirety as intended.

* Please note, due to a delay from the printers, the Vinyl order will not be shipped until mid/late May. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Setting the scene behind the album title, lead guitarist James Innes tells the tale,

“November 7 2019 at approximately midday, a fire broke out in my house while I was inside. The trauma of watching my home, my safe space be destroyed by the blaze sent me into a depressive spiral, especially as the pandemic quickly followed. It’s the closest that I have ever been to becoming an alcoholic as at times it felt like the only release I had.” Taking an adverse and crushing situation to rise up, “I took inspiration to write about the ordeal rather than bottle it up. ‘Up In Smoke’ was the most challenging song that I have written, but with the support of my wife, bandmates, family and friends I was able to heal. It was my way of making a silver lining to that smoke cloud.”

Featuring previous slamming singles ‘Where The Crows Fly’ and ‘Hold On’, which both rapidly racked up streaming and YouTube views, other reasons to play it loud include a take on drummer Loz’s high stakes day job profession in ‘Gambler’ and the full-throttle pedal-to-the metal ‘Supercharged’ that would be the ideal opener to any rockers night out. There’s a contrast in the southern epic ‘Halfway To Nowhere’ evoking imagery of cutting off what has come before, seeking adventure and the death of a relationship that continues to haunt set to an iconic skyline in ‘Ghost Of New York’. On the album closer ‘Western Dream’ the band pose the politically charged question, “Are places like America & the UK still desirable places to live? With the rise in the cost of living, the aftermath of Brexit and lack of gun control, is the West still as desirable as it once was to others?”